Mormon Church: Committed to a baptism date, but now doubt

by allicat Jan 2012

Hello there, everyone. I am looking for answers to some doubts I've had, some fears I've realized and even some petty things that are on my mind about the LDS church and my baptism...

Did any of you leave due to simple burn out?

by shaken faith

That is what is pushing me out, burnout of all the hoops etc, guilt is part of it as well, but mostly just don't want to do it anymore. Any lurkers on here want to talk me out of leaving? send me an email, but I want the opinions of those gone...I keep going back and forth like an indecisive teenager, family ties, thinking it could still be true etc, but burnout is pushing me out...

Thoughts on Correlation

by polymath

I wasn't going to church when the last round of manuals came out but it sounds like TSCC [this so called church] is trying to just not discuss anything controversial at all. Which means that they are completely neutralizing the lessons.

Funny when we're accused of not using "official" sources

by AngelCowgirl Nov 2011

I find this highly amusing, because in all my pages of typed quotes, only one thus far is from The Seer. The rest of them were pulled straight from Journal of Discourses and other sources of "official church doctrine". Besides, how can we be expected to believe and follow just some words from an apostle and not others?

Is what you tell your bishop really private?

by Utahorbust Dec 2011

So how often is it that a person confesses or confides something in their bishop and the information is divulged and spread throughout the ward. It seems likely to me that a bishop goes home and tells his wife and then she tells some lady in the RS and then it's all over the ward.

Is this common?

Is breach of confidentiality common? Yes.

Oliver Cowdery never retracted his accusation against Joseph Smith of Smith having had an adulterous affair with teenager Fanny Alger. How could he? The raunchy record, please...

by steve benson Dec 2011

Smith's first known sexual affair was with a teenager named Fannie Alger, who was living with Smith and his first wife Emma in their Kirtland, Ohio, home. Fanny was also Smith's first confirmed plural wife. [See] Smith “came to know[her] in Kirtland during early 1833 when she, at the age of 16, stayed at his home as a housemaid.

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More Stand-Up Comedy from Michael R. Ash FAIR's Mighty Mormon Magician, This Time on Those Jaredite Barges

by steve benson Dec 2011

In an earlier act, FAIR's premier funny man, Michael R. Ash, entertained his RfM audience with non-stop laughs as he explained how Nephite warriors fought their enemies not from horse-drawn chariots (since horses and wheels weren't around during that New World era), but rather, from sleds pulled by deer.

Earth to the Lying Mormon Church: Quit Falsely, Disproveably Claiming That Your 1890 "Manifesto" Resulted in the End of Mormon Church-Sanctioned Polygamy. It Did Not . . .

steve benson

In an unending effort to twist history and turn it on its head, the Mormon Church dishonestly declares (despite mountains of documented evidence to the contrary) that its 1890 "Manifesto" ended, dead in its tracks, the Mormon practice of polygamy.

As is so often the case, the historical record speaks loudly and clearly to the contrary.

An example of Book of Mormon evidences and the scientific method

Jan 2012

One of the goals of science is not to prove theories right, but to prove them wrong. When this happens, a theory must be changed or thrown away. It is important to report the results even if the outcome proved the theory wrong.

Disturbing Visiting Teacher Message Jan. 2012

by Lost Jan 2012

Very Disturbing VT Message by the LDS Church this month:

They've coined a new phrase: "watchcare"

"Through visiting teaching, we provide watchcare by contacting each sister, sharing a gospel message, and seeking to know her and her family’s needs."

Unholy Cow, and How!--How the Mormon Church Created the Cowdery Myth . . .

By steve benson Jan 2012

--Oliver Cowdery: Supposedly Devoted Follower of Mormonism--Who Died with a Decidedly Anti-Mormon Side--

**From Partner and Producer, to Hated and Excommunicated

Cowdery was not your average Mormon “special witness.” He was Associate Church President to God's supposed prophet of the Restoration, Joseph Smith and co-producer of the Mormon Church.

Is there any possibility that the egyptologists are wrong?

by angelina5 Dec 2011

studies on the Joseph Amith papyri are wrong? What are the proofs? I hope I am not posting too many new topics.

Re: Is there any possibility that the egyptologists that conducted
Don't feel bad about posting too much at all. I am only two years into this journey, and this board was a great help for me.

Is my marriage over now that I no longer believe in Mormonism?

by quietapostacy Dec 2011

I am new to RfM. I have been reading posts for a few months, but have never posted anything myself. I don't understand all the acronyms yet (TSCC, TBS, DH, etc.), but I am starting to catch on.

Women Wearing Garments - Mormon underwear

by kmackie Dec 2011

As I was studying my way out I decided to go on one last temple trip, however I decided to wear my bra underneath my garments, I suppose it was swipe at being a little rebellious

What do you think of the LDS general authorities?


What are the General Authorities motives behind leading people astray if the GA's do indeed know that the LDS church is false? Do you think the leaders or General authorities of the LDS faith know that it's false, or do you think that they are delusional and really think it's true?

This time I don't have to stand out in the rain! (kinda long, humor me) new

By NormaRae Dec 2011 Daughter's earlier temple marriage

I had my first cup of coffee yesterday

By angelina5 Dec 2011

I am researching the origin of the Word of Wisdom and its application during the early years of the Church. Did I really believe that drinking coffee or tea would prevent me from going to Heaven??? I realize now how comical it is.

The Most Offensive Testimony...

by tensolator Dec 2011

What is the most offensive testimony you have ever heard?

Personally, it had to be the woman, who's son was killed motocross racing on Sunday.